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What Motivates You?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

I used to meditate every day for years. And then I stopped. And for a few more years, I tried unsuccessfully to reestablish a daily practice. I really wanted to, but I couldn’t quite find the motivation to keep it going.

And then I stumbled on a key motivator for me. My business. When I was able to tie the benefits of meditating into helping me grow my business, I was able to find the motivation to show up on the cushion every day. At 5.30am!

It’s been a big deal starting my own business. I’ve never done it before and it gets scary at times. And it can get stressful.

Meditation helps calm my fears and deal with stress. It brings clarity and insight, and it helps with my creativity. It helps me cultivate presence and awareness. – big components of what I teach in my coaching business.

So, every morning I get up, I know why I’m doing it. It’s in service of this very big thing that I’m doing in my life. My brain doesn’t even try to argue or offer excuses. I have turbocharged my motivation and it feels good.

What are you motivated to do or be in your life? And can you think of ways to turbocharge it?

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