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What if you told yourself "good job"...

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

I was at the dentist recently for a deep cleaning. He injected me in several places to numb the gums, and each time he did so, he would say soothingly “good job… good job… good job…” I was aware that he was speaking to me as one would a child – and I liked it. I felt nurtured and held, and by the end I was thinking, “hey, I really am doing a good job!” On the way home, I started telling myself what a good job I was doing – in my new business, in my struggling relationship, in my life in general. And it felt good. What if we made a practice of talking to ourselves this way? What if we told ourselves we’re doing a good job even when we think we’re sucking at something. Or when we know we’re doing something well, but would never think to acknowledge ourselves for it. What if we said “good job” to ourselves just for the hell of it. Try it. It will change your day, I promise.

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